Smart container

Our planning and architectural solution based on an innovative idea as a result of a lot of development and research. The state of the art is the creative planning and the high quality implementation. We have implemented our solutions for the International market to make a dream come true weather you are dreaming of a practical office, industrial building or a home.

Unlimited possibilities of treasures


Building a container house is not only a good idea for the ones who would like to build something cheap as for living or for other purposes. This come to somebody’s mind if he wants to have something unique. The terms of use of a container house is unlimited.

After the quick planning and installation of a container house it can be immediately used resulting a spare of time and money. It can fulfil many kinds of users need does not matter if the order need a home, a place to work or other commonly used places.

The advantages of container houses so far is the structure which is quite massive and substantive, easy to build and broaden. On the other hand it is maid of recycled materials so we also protect our environment if we use this solution.

The container house is the best solution if a problem occurring around the building planning or the area where it is built. If it is a mobile kind of container house it is not compulsory to have the permission of build it. Using dry technology while building it is not architectural activity according to Hungarian law.

To summarize we create flats, houses, offices, entertaining places which are cost and environment efficient, mobile and easy to broaden. As a main aspect they are cheap.

Container architecture is not only fast but cheap as well.
Modern and unique as YOU are.

What is the added value?


Steel construction as skyscrapers

The structure of the container built from easy steel, which is a heavy-duty material. As the construction is standardized it is easy to broaden.

Container architecture will guarantee the speed and efficiency while constructing it.


There is no neutral gear in dry architecture.

The advantage of container architecture is that the frame is fixed. Constructing the building requires handwork of dry-constructing and mechanics, resulting that the use of water-based materials are less.
  • No waiting time for drying while constructing
  • savings in costs of material
    • no need of complete groundwork,
    • structure of the roof is the slab itself,
    • vase of the structure and statics is the container itself.


Container home

Simple lines and modern solutions.

Four flat block of houses


Our main aim is to create a compelling blocks of houses which mark out from other blocks of simplicity.

Clear lining and premium use of materials makes the container house unique as it is. We managed to create a home which entirely fulfil the needs of our modern times.

Energy-conscious home


The conception of the building is to make it transparent, light and the feeling to live in the containeris a kind of close to nature for its users.

Easy to separate the different rooms and it appears as amodern, demanding flat, house or cottage house



Family house for everybody

Our perspective is to create a solution in building of homes with all its friendliness, warmness, energy efficiency and cost-efficiency and is a competitor of an average block of house.

Container house for you

Let your imagination free and make your dream come true with this unique technology.

Cost efficient solutions

Intelligent workplace


Office to function


This solution is a combination of an ideal place to work and cost-efficient building and installing.

We have prepared the most perfect system in offices. It makes the users function properly and inspirited..

Industrial hall


Why would you need expensive investments for your business development?

With our unique technological solution you will be able to develop your enterprise with an unbelievable speed.

During building our industrial halls we pay special attention to meet with the strict rules and regulation of construction. As a result the building will be not only cost efficient but economical and sustainable in every aspect.


Re-thought workplace


Why would you meet any obstacle while implanting your plans?

Tools, methods and possibilities without boarders…

Where would you rather live?
In a house what you bought or in a home you dreamt of?

Unique planned, modern and sophisticatedly built container houses.

Our container house was presented at Building-Trade Fair

We planned and built a premium category container house dedicated to the Building-Trade Fair constructed  with premium category overlays and sanitary. Our aim was to present for the visitors how fantastic opportunities are hidden in this modern architectural solution. In this 30m2 container construction we presented an American kitchen living room, bathroom, bedroom which was the place of the meeting room during the fair.

Kind snug at lake Balaton

This kind project of us got the fantasy name “snore-lodge”, which is a cottage house. The wife of the orderer asked for a special solution to construct it next to the already existing garden and building. In   this small cottage house there is an American kitchen and dining room, bedroom and a bathroom for every need. With this alternative of container house you may sleep well every night.


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